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Stockport Plumbing & Heating Company

Heating Serivces

Stockport Plumbing & Heating Company

Install,service and maintain all aspects of central heating.

System upgrades.

New boiler installitons.

Energy Efficient Boilers

Power Flushing

Under Floor Heating

Gas Safety Certificates


Radiators Installed or Moved

Our highly skilled Gas Safe registered Stockport and offer an all-round service. Whether you need a straight forward cheap boiler installation quote, repair or a new energy efficient central heating system installed in Stockport, Manchester or Cheshire, we offer a high quality workmanship and a value for money boiler replacement service. Apart from day to day heating, hot water repairs and servicing, we install the latest energy efficient heating products currently on the market.
We install both condensing combination boiler and conventional type of condensing boilers with a hot water cylinder or a megaflow unvented storage vessel. And specialize in solar hot water heating systems, under floor heating, power flushing and landlord gas safety inspections. Stockport Plumbing & Heating are fully insured and highly competent service and installation engineers. 

Central Heating Quotes

Installing a new boiler is not and never has been a cheap exercise, you need to get it right first time - We recommend to all our customers the Worcester Bosch range of boilers. We also guarantee to beat any written quotation of our competitors on a like for like basis.

Types of Boiler

These come in several forms - combi, regular or system being the most usual. The size of the building, the demand for hot water and space available will govern what you chose.
To conform to current legislation you need an energy efficient condensing boiler, Since October 2010 all new gas boiler installations must have a SEDBUK rating of A so that it has a minimum efficiency of 90% It is no longer acceptable to fit B rated gas boilers.
On rare occasions it will only be possible to fit a non condensing boiler, when this happens an exemption certificate will be issued.

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers have come to be one of the most widely used in the country, accounting for more than half of all installations.
A drawback can be that the combination boiler might not be able to provide all the hot water and heating required for a home - although that is not the case for the majority of dwellings.
The houses that a combination boiler wouldn't suit are larger homes with two or more bathrooms, or a building in a low mains water area.
Some types of combi boilers have the asset of not requiring any hot water storage at all. They work by heating water direct from the cold mains supply as it is used.
This means that not only does the hot water cylinder disappear from the airing cupboard, along with the expansion and cold water tanks in the loft.
This type of boiler is the ideal solution for flat dwellers or anyone whose home has restricted space.
The main disadvantage of not having hot water stored is that it limits the amount available at any one time.

System Boilers

System boilers are condensing boilers that occupies the middle ground between a combination boiler, and a regular boiler heating system.
The system boiler provides heat for your heating system while also being able to heat a hot water cylinder.
The system boiler has the advantage over most combination heating systems of storing hot water in a cylinder. This gives a supply of hot water to all taps and doesn't incurr any of the problems that an instantaneous combination boiler can.
It differs from a regular heating system in that it doesn't need a feeder or expansion tank in the loft.
This type of boiler operates on a sealed system like the combination boiler. As the system is not affected by mains water pressure, it can operate in areas where a combi boiler cannot. System boilers are usually compact as all the major components like the pump and diverter valve are built into the boiler.

Regular Boiler

The difference between this type of boiler and the other types mentioned is that the pump and diverter valves are external to the boiler, these are normally located near to the cylinder.
The regular boiler will work either as an open vented system or as a sealed system.


You will see by visiting many of the other plumbing websites, various claims of "we offer 2 year, 5 year and even 10 year warranties"
It all sounds great but the reallity is rather different, in fact you will only ever receive a standard 1 year warranty on all new boilers. If you wish to have the extended warranties then you must have your boiler serviced on a yearly basis with the benchmark book that comes with the new boiler filled in correctly.Central Heating 

  • We believe we offer value to our customers, and are competent that we will beat any written quotation by our competitors from between 5% - 10%
For more information please contact us on 0161 285 3051 or by email